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North London IT Support Ltd have a comprehensive product offering to assist any Company with their inbound services.

Our Inbound service provides web-based management of inbound numbers and a menu of easy to use call handling services.

Many of the services are sold individually so that customers only pay for what they need, although Frontier provide a wide range of features free of charge.

Our feature rich services enable customers to manage inbound numbers and call handling and allow for additional features such as dialed number presentation and call recording.

Intelligent Call Control is a simple, easy to use service that provides complete, real-time control over the management of inbound numbers and call handling.

Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN) or Number Translation Services (NTS numbers) belong to a group of numbers that are not tied to a specific area of the UK. Calls to these numbers are ‘pointed’ to an existing landline number.

Available numbers include:

  • 03XX (a new range of numbers)
  • 0800/0808 Free phone
  • 0845 ‘Local rate’
  • 0843/0844/0871 Special Rate
  • 0870

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  • Potential monthly revenue share opportunities
  • Customer managed
  • Easy to use, backed up with quick and reliable provisioning, training and support.
  • Wed-based call management7