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MyIP from North London IT Support is a hosted IP telephony service that provides a comprehensive range of telephony features.

Hosted IP Telephony allows customers to replace on site PBX infrastructure with a network based, hosted solution. The service fulfils a wide range of requirements, ranging from basic services for small or single site operations, to more sophisticated services for those businesses that operate multiple sites or call centre operations.

The need for significant capital investment in a traditional phone exchange is reduced as businesses enjoy the same features without expensive and complex equipment. The monthly rental includes all maintenance and support costs.

Customers will improve their productivity and communications with an easy-to-user interface and powerful call management.

We can also simplify your supply chain by providing access including broadband, FTTC, EFM, Ethernet, LAN and MPLS connectivity.

MyIP at a glance

  • Free calls between ‘on-net’ users within the company
  • Extensive range of call handling and management features
  • Benefit from future updates without infrastructure changes
  • Reliability with 99.999% availability
  • On demand additional product range such as IVR, call recording and conferencing
  • Click to dial with soft phone technology or Outlook integration
  • Enabling a flexible work environment to remote and home workers
  • Intuitive web interface providing features and functionality for individual users
  • Reduce missed or unanswered internal calls as users can set their availability
Key Benefits:

  • No Significant capital investment
  • Easy to use and feature rich
  • Dedicated Portal Access
  • User-defined call handling
  • Soft phone and Outlook integration
  • Includes all customer equipment

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